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Michael Doxey



Michael is constantly expanding the art of ceramics by seeking out and developing new techniques and expanding his vision of the art itself. When examining work from a thousand years ago he looks for small fingerprints. He sees how a person held the pot; how the maker left his body in the clay; and this gives him a connection to that person, their process, and the ancient joy that comes from the act of creating.

For Michael the processes of using the material ‘freezes’ a moment. Thus his works are like bookmarks – or frozen moments. His use of material supports living in the moment, and pushes the technical limits of the medium. The result is a form, a single piece, but in fact is really a continuum of creation. The work symbolizes life forces. His work combines an artistic experience with a rugged functionality.


Michael produces work for the garden and table, attentive to both form and function – but is equally recognized for his ceramic tile murals and large urns.


Specializing in wood-soda firing, Michael imbues his vision in all aspects of the production: making his own clay; designing and making all work himself; making his own clay slip glazes; preparing the 2 full cords of white cedar slab for fuelling the kiln; and firing by stoking the wood kiln by himself for up to 28 hours!


Michael is still exploring his childhood love of the Natural World, taking his influence from the waterways and rocks of his rural surroundings.


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