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Judith Rygiel






110 Main Street East, P.O. Box 325

Merrickville, ON


(Beside the Courtyard Patio

of the Baldachin Inn/Restaurant)



After nearly forty years as a weaver and textile artist my delight

and satisfaction in weaving beautiful fabrics has never faltered.

My studio work involves applying dye to silk thread which is then

woven into sumptuous shawls and scarves. The multitude of

colours blend and flow to resemble those found in sea shells,

sunsets, and northern lights.          

An academic interest in the history of textiles complements my

studio work.  In 2004 I received a PhD in Canadian History from

Carleton University with research into the persistence of hand

weaving in late 19th century New Brunswick. Currently I study

the social and economic aspects of Acadian hand weaving in both the Maritimes and Louisiana. My academic research has led to opportunities to curate exhibitions, teach courses on 19th and early 20th century textile history and become a textile consultant for heritage groups and museums.

This combination of studio work and academic research provides the creative balance and chance to reflect on the importance of creativity in my life. Whether

it is as a maker of cloth or as a someone who writes about cloth making, my

passion for textiles has never faltered.

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