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John Schweighardt

Living Stones

With a humble beginning in 2004, while assisting an accomplished sculptor of both stone and wood to create a stone monument for a family member, John began to explore carving stone. Using at first the stone that was near his Lanark(ON) home and with basic tools he made simple objects that usually had some practical value, not surprising after a lengthy career as a carpenter building and renovating homes. Now too, some of his work may still be seen as practical, like his elegant and sometimes rustic stone vessel

sinks and his beautiful simple bird baths. Though he

continues to enjoy creating practical pieces, John says  he takes great pleasure in creating pieces that can be whimsical or sometimes abstract.


John began working full time as a maker in 2009 and since then his works have evolved immensely and belie the fact that he has been carving for a relatively short time and without instruction or formal training. He collects all of his own material using stone from quarries, gravel pits, farms and road cuts throughout Eastern Ontario and he makes an annual spring pilgrimage to Ontario's North to collect stone there as well. With a vast and growing collection of widely varying stone

types and colours John seeks to expose the best characteristics of each stone.


John likens his work with each individual stone to a conversation or a dance and says he's totally engaged in the process. He says it's humbling to work with material that in some cases is billions of years old created by a force much greater than the sum total of this planet and the galaxy that contains it and he considers it a privilege to be able to alter it.


His work is displayed in local galleries, the Ontario Craft Shop in Toronto and at numerous shows throughout Ontario.


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